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Love is a universal right. Just as blood nourishes the heart, love nourishes spiritual freedom, and it should not be excluded from those who have a non-traditional understanding of it.

Although we have come a long way in our understanding of the LGBTQ community and the many challenges it faces, throughout much of America, hatred and bigotry against our fellow-citizens remains.

Just as we do with our brothers and sisters of color, we must strive to make this land one in which people are free from persecution.  Although we may not all stand in agreement with these life choices, their choices affect them alone. To argue otherwise is to count on esoteric explanations of “moral corruption” and “God’s wrath”.  In my eyes, and the eyes of most Americans, a man’s choice to love another man only affects them.  Live and let live.  A family is a family, regardless of gender.

Yes, same sex couples have finally earned the long overdue right to form the same legal unions as their heterosexual counterparts.  But if we think that equality has been achieved, we are lying to ourselves.

The sooner our nation’s leaders come to this conclusion and move on, the better off we will all be. I will make sure that every decision I contemplate honors this fundamental belief.

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