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When it comes to civil rights and human rights, I have not allowed religious zealotry to shape my views.  Although a baptized Christian myself, and having lived most of my adult life in the Greek Orthodox Church (interfaith marriage).  I have studied other world religions and spiritual practices and have benefited greatly from it. Above all else, I consider myself a member of humanity.

When it comes to government however, the separation of church and state exists for a reason.  History had shown our forefathers time and time again that tyrants would often use religion to control the masses.  Many of today’s churches have become as wealthy and successful as many of today’s largest corporations. Just like corporations, church leadership seeks to buy influence with their wealth.  This has no place in the parAdministration.

I also remain steadfast on the fact that our government has little cause to interfere in our personal lives.  And a woman’s right to choose, or a man’s right to marry another man, certainly do not rise to that standard.  Religious views on these subjects should not become the justification for the government to interfere in these otherwise deeply personal matters.

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