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When it comes to healthcare, I believe three things.

First, I want every citizen of our great nation to have access to quality affordable healthcare.  No one should have to second guess whether they can afford medicine or food.  Not in the United States.

Second, the government has no proven ability to successfully nationalize healthcare.  Our best evidence of this is the Veterans Administration. No one would dare make a credible argument to the contrary.

Third, there is too little control of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.  While we want to incentivize private businesses to innovate, we cannot allow them unlimited profits based on society’s ailments.  There is too great of a risk for conflict of interests.

We need the marketplace to continue providing consumers with choice.  If one carrier or one doctor is bad, you have the choice of another.  Choice itself is the great check and balance.

Should the industry be federalized, as the actPresident and his counterparts may tell you, there is only one solution: theirs.  And remember, just because they are in office, it does not mean they are more knowledgeable than you or I.

But this is not permission for pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies to disproportionately profit from our ailments.  Just like any member of the business community, they should be entitled to fair returns on their research and development.  Insurance companies are entitled to earn a profit from efficient operations.

But gluttonous financial returns are too often the norm today.  This must be put to an end.

A comprehensive plan to address these concerns is desperately needed and something I hope to resolve once I have built my parCabinet.


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