My 4 point plan for America.

America is at a crossroads.

Hatred, vitriol, and deceit have become the new normal.

We need a leader with a plan that is free of partisan gamesmanship and truly looks out for the best interest of all Americans. I believe I have that plan. 

“My plan is now your plan.”
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How did we get here?

I ask myself this question everyday.  There is no more pressing an issue for the national consciousness.

I Have The Plan

Wishful thinking and leadership are not the same.  A leader has a plan, a vision.  My plan is now our plan.  You can learn about its four parts below.

My plan has 4 parts.

Time to Choose

Do we resign ourselves to the direction that has been forced upon us, or do we blaze a new path free of their corruption and control?

“I have a message that I need each and every one of you to hear: these problems that plague us are not bigger than us. Individually, we may feel powerless and rudderless. Collectively, with the ideals of this great nation driving us, there is nothing we cannot repair or build again.” 

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