What is

the parallelPresidency?

From a sea of partisan pundits, a tidal wave of opinions posing as journalism, and a hurricane of emotion & division stirred by algorithms, emerges the parallelPresidency.

A social and civic experiment that asks how different our nation would be if it were guided by a proven leader who honored the intent of our country’s founding and was free of partisanship. It is intended to provide well thought out guidance on many of today’s most pressing issues as we fight to find our way back to a nation that honors our past, protects our most vulnerable, and ensures the ongoing viability of our precious democracy.

Throughout the entirety of recorded human history, the powerful “few” have always sought control of the less powerful “many”.  From the vicious emperors and monarchs of the ancient world to the wealthy, healthy party members of the modern communist east, this game of power has been planned, fought, and won hundreds of times over in history. We know it. We have studied it. We were provided a means to protect ourselves from it. This is a battle as old as time.

Yet, some problems are unique to the society we live in now. Today’s modern world and technological echo chambers have allowed personal opinions to not only be presented as fact, but also as well-thought-philosophies conceived of by learned men and women who were working in our best interests.  Simply because a person wields influence in today’s media, we trust that their input deserves valuable consideration for our future and direction.  I dare say that many among us have adopted this faulty line of thinking so fiercely it is no longer uncommon to hear people questioning the “relevance” of foundational Constitutional principles in light of what they believe to be society’s progress over “antiquated’ thinking.

These are the scourges that have motivated the formation of the parallelPresidency.

The actualPresidency of the United States as defined in our Constitution is straight forward. But fulfilling its obligations is not. Per our Constitution:

“The power of the Executive Branch is vested in the President of the United States, who also acts as head of state and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. The President is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws written by Congress and, to that end, appoints the heads of the federal agencies, including the Cabinet.”

The American Presidency is the ultimate test of a leader’s mettle. Success results in a healthy nation, where the citizenry have confidence that their collective interests are always considered first, while also recognizing our common global humanity. Failure results in division, isolationism, corruption, and fear.

To successfully wield this kind of responsibility across such a vast sphere of global influence, the actPresident must be a proven leader, a student of humankind, a person of remarkable social and general intelligence, and have demonstrated these characteristics across multiple sectors of our society (i.e. academia, civil service, law, business, military). While demonstrated success in any one of these is the minimum society accepts today, we should demand more from those we allow to represent us in the future.

Once the right leader is selected and willing to serve, we need to free him/her from the constraints of political partisanship and special interest campaign financing. For our leader to perform optimally on our behalf, we need to eliminate the influences that could be contrary to our own best interests.

For this reason, the parallelPresidency will be free of both. No party affiliation. No purchased influence.

Our Constitution, and the checks and balances it provides, are at the heart of the American democracy.  It was the framework our forefathers understood would be the difference in our long-term viability as a Nation and people.  This brilliantly conceived system was the byproduct of watching failed democracies throughout human history and the repeated tyranny and abuse committed when any one person or entity amasses too much power.

To think that we have somehow educated or evolved ourselves beyond the knowledge possessed by those brave men and women in establishing the utopia we all currently enjoy is a deeply flawed conclusion.  In a mere two hundred years, we cannot think ourselves smarter than those who have studied the rise and fall of democracies over thousands of years.

We have the roadmap to success for this country. We have the destined path. What we need is someone at the forefront, an intellectual and emotional leader who can take the first step and blaze a path for all of us to follow. That is my duty and honor as your parPresident. My job is not to pass bills or pressure senators and representatives to further my agenda. My job is to speak with and for the American people. My job is to summarize and respect the very soul of our nation. I am here to remind us all of our abilities and purpose and to discredit and ignore a long-broken system that far too often keeps us stuck in place as the rest of the world passes us by.  We have a history and democracy unlike any other and a well of ideas from which to build a future. My job is to draw upon all of that and then, together with you, build a legacy.

We were handed the blueprint for a successful society that can stand the test of time with a free citizenry. All we must do is follow it.
I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of the parallelPresident of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, influence the preservation, protection and defense of the Constitution of the United States.
Welcome to what the Presidency could be.
Stay in the know. Be part of the discussion. Follow the parallel administration.