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As news cycles become faster and faster and barrage us with distractions and distortions, we must not lose sight of the core moral and financial issues that lifelong politicians use to divide us. Our Nation was founded on the ideas of revolution and slavery and has not been without its moral challenges ever since. We are always in pursuit of a more perfect union and will always realize that the work is never done, we have never achieved all that we can. The work continues.

It is exactly this kind of leadership that has been sorely lacking in the actPresidency for decades. President Trump’s brash rhetoric invoked a sense of strength for many Americans and left many others embarrassed and angry. President Obama, on the other hand, was unquestionably one of the finest orators of our generation. His awesome abilities gave many Americans a sense of awe and pride, while many others heard empty promises and double-talk.

Here is my attempt.

Stay in the know. Be part of the discussion. Follow the parallel administration.